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?We are Phones Plus Computer Repair in Brandon, FL with over 15 Years of Experience, we are Apple and Microsoft-Certified with 5 Stars Reviews on Yelp and Highest Review Rated on Google. Our certified technician team is trained to do more than just fixing a particular issue as you asked. We want to restore the device back to the original condition as much as possible, special tools are used on 95% of all the iPhones. We do more because WE CARE!

You own an S9 model and are looking for galaxy S9 screen repair. Well, no need to look any further as we got you covered with our handy-dandy repair kit. If you want us to present you with services like screen replacement or battery replacement, our services are just a few rings away!

We are here to present you with premium quality Samsung note repair without charging you way too much for it. If you reside anywhere in Brandon, FL and presently looking for someone to help you with S9 screen replacement or even water damage, you have come to just the right spot.


1. Thanks to our free diagnostic services, you are not always asked to pay for the services. If there isn’t any Samsung S10 repair in Brandon, FL then no need to pay for it!


2. Most importantly, we offer same-day Samsung galaxy repair services. It is pretty hard to come across many repair shops with such features. Spend around 30 minutes to 60 minutes with us and get your issues covered.


3. We welcome a house of experienced technicians, ready to offer you glass screen repairing services, alongside other positive options. So, procuring a galaxy note repairing service will be an easy call for now.

Experts to cover all kinds of phone issues:

If you own a Samsung Note or any other model from this house, then contacting us for its phone repair is the safest bet you can aim for. You never know when your phone might suffer from damage, and you need to head for Samsung Galaxy screen repair. So, keeping our numbers handy all the time might be a safe bit to play.



When your electronic device has a broken screen, water damage, malfunctioning audio or another problem, you want a dependable and affordable fix. What you want is one of our expert technicians at Phones Plus Computer Repair! Our technicians will fix your broken iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, computer or other device so that it works as good as new. Plus, our services are fast, so you won’t be without your device for long!

Cell Phone Repair experts in Brandon, FL will give your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device the treatment it needs, so you have it back in your hands as soon as possible. At Phones Plus Computer Repair, we make it quick and easy to get your device repaired!

While You Wait Cell Phone, Tablet & Computer Repair Center. We can repair your iPhone, iPad & iPod LCD, Charging port, Battery, microphone & Speaker Problems. Same Day Service Samsung Galaxy S8+, S8, S7, S7 EDGE, S6, S6 EDGE and Note 5 LCD, Glass Repair iPad 2/3/4 & iPad Mini Glass Repair.


Get your device fixed while you wait, same day appointments or walk-ins are welcomed. Most iPhone screen replacements take about 15 minutes. iPad repair can take up to 1 to 3 hours.  We are leading in quick and repair services in BRANDON, FL! We are Professional iPhone Repair Service Brandon, FL

Quality Parts Make a Big Difference In iPhone Repair -We use original quality parts in the market. Quality repair will definitely save you more. Trust us, we get a handful of nonqualified and unprofessional repairs every day! We are the Best Fix Cracked iPhone Screen Service in Brandon, FL

We offer Warranty on all our repairs - All repairs come with free warranty. battery, charging port, cameras, etc. (not including physical or water damage). We are the best iPhone Repair Shop in Brandon, FL




If your device is water damaged DO NOT put the phone in the Rice - IT will not work and cause more damage for all the new models. If Your Phone is wet DO NOT, DO NOT turn it back on!  In most cases you will just cause more damage. If you turned it on, even if it's currently working, turn it off now! Our expert technicians in Brandon, FL are highly qualified in water damaged phones. If we can't fix it, we do not charge anything. We always offer free diagnostic at Phones Plus Computer Repair, Brandon, FL